2022 The Last Human, 75min

Nordic Dox Award, CPH:DOX 2022. North Pitch Award, Tromsö IFF 2020. Nominated for the ROBERT award 2023.

Selected for MeetMarket, Sheffield International Film Festival 2020. World premiere at the National Museum of Denmark, Cinemateket, Charlottenborg Palace and Dagmar Cinema (DK). Screened at Visioni Dal Mondo, Milan (official selection), Riga International Film Festival, Tallin Film Festival, Nuuk International Film Festival, Greenland University, Palæstinian Film Days, Aida Refugee Camp Bethlehem, Ottoman Courthouse Ramallah, Tromsö International Film Festival, Aarhus University, Babylon Cinema Berlin, Tromsø International Film Festival, Science Films New York, Village Cinema, New York.

2017 Anahí's Room 40min

Award of Recognition, Best Shorts (US)

Shows/screenings: Savvy Contemporary Berlin, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum (DK), Oslo International Poetry Festival, Katuaq Art Center (GL), Gallery Wedding Berlin, University of Illinois, University of British Columbia Vancouver, London Independent Film Festival, Nuuk Art Museum, Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK), Oslo Poetry festival, Shortcutz Berlin, Residency Ambassador to Iceland in Germany, Tellus Cinema Stockholm, Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum (IS), International Festival of Cinematic Art Los Angeles.

2012 OPEN 60min

Diamond Award, California Film Awards, Gold Kahuna Award, Honolulu Film Festival. Shows/screenings: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (DK), CPH.DOX, the 55th Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Tromsø International Film festival, Babylon Cinema Berlin, Shortcutz Berlin, Aarhus University Hospital, Arctic Heat Film Festival (FI), Greenland Culture House Copenhagen (DK), Herstedvester Prison (DK), Greenland University, Katuaq Art Center (GL), Museum Ovartaci (DK), Humboldt University of Berlin, HEART - Museum of Contemporary Art (DK), IMC Gallery New York.

2010 ECHOES 30min

Award of Merit, Best Shorts. Honorable Mention Award, Los Angeles International Film Festival, Best Documentary Award, London Underground Film Festival. Shows/Screenings: Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art E.V, Babylon Cinema Berlin, Tromsø International Film Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, 28th Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival, American Independent Film Festival, Ladyfest Art Festival, Reykjavik International Film Festival, Vestnordic Festival (IS), Kiel Film Festival, Malmö Documentary Film Festival, Soundtrack Cologne, Norway Mountain Film festival, Tellus Cinema (SE), Maison du Danemark (FR), Nordatlantens Brygge (DK), Humboldt University, HBC Berlin, Made in Europe (DE), Museum für Volkerkunde Hamburg, Cinemateket (NO), Museum of Contemporary Art (DK), Shorts TV, Cinemateket (DK), Oslo University, University of Illinois, Senate House London, China Film Achieve, Guangzhou Times Museum (CH), Smithsonian National Museum of Natural Art(US)

2009 Faith, Hope and Greenland 30min

Shows/Screenings: Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art E.V. Babylon Cinema Berlin, Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Winnipeq International Film Festival, London Underground Film Festival, Vestnordic Festival (IS), Hamburg Metropolis Cinema, Katuaq Cinema (GL), Kran Filmspace Bruxelles, Made in Europe (DE), Werkstaat der Kulturen (DE), Nordatlantens Brygge (DK), Doc Lounge (Cph), Culture Night Copenhagen (DK), Maison du Danemark in Paris (FR) Filmessay (BR), KNR TV (GL), SVF (FO), RUV TV (IS), APTN (CA)

2007 Upper Reaches of the Arts 30min

Shows/Screenings: Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Kran Filmspace (BE), Katuaq Art Center (GL), New Life Art Berlin.

2005 Wild Dogs of Sarajevo 30min

Shows/Screenings: Espace SD Beirut, Locandina Film Festival (US) Museum of New Art (US).

Short films/ other productions

2018 Birch Not Glass 5min (music video. Artist: Bevich Vvond Released by Martin Hossbach/Kompakt Records)

2018 Crevasse (music video. Artist: P.)

2017 White Milk from the Evil Breast (film with Mette Moestrup)

2017 FACES take 1-3, 9min. (poetry film series)

2016 RECONCILIATION 30min (performance film. Artist: Cassis B)

2015 Killerbird 15min. (poetry film. Artist: Jessie Kleemann)

2014 Viviente 5min. (music video. Artist: Jirasol)

2003 The People from the North who eat Meat 4min.

Additional nominations

Official Selection, The Last Human

Visioni Dal Mondo 2022

Official selection, The Last Human

Politiekns Dox Award, 2022

Official selection, Viviente

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015

Official selection, Viviente

London Independent Film Festival 2015

Official selection, Viviente

Berlin Independent Film Festival 2015

Official selection, OPEN

Tromsø International Film Festival 2014

Official selection, ECHOES

Tromsø International Film Festival 2011

Official selection, ECHOES

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2011

Official selection, ECHOES

28th Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival 2011

Official selection, ECHOES

American Independent Film Festival 2011

Official selection, Faith, Hope and Greenland

Nordische Filmtage Lübeck 2010

Selected writings

Twilight Zone (, 2020)

Reconciling the past (Indiana University Press, 2019)

FACES (Nuuk Art Museum, 2017)

In your face (Gyldendal, 2016)

Patti Smith (Music Weekly, 2013)

An everyday conversation (Qivittoq, 2012)

The Art of Government (Asian Art Newspaper, 2010)

Nuummioq danser under Utah’s sol (Information, 2010)

210609 (Exhibition catalogue, 2009)

Art in the Age of Digital Literature (Asian Art Newspaper, 2009) Yuken Teruya (Asian Art Newspaper, 2009)

On Top of the World (H-Art, 2009)

Neo Pop Culture in the East (Asian Art Newspaper, 2008)

Prefuse 73 (GAFFA DK, 2005)

Henrik Rylander (GAFFA DK, 2005)

Selected press

Freedom lover (Sulut, 2023)

The Last Human (Nordic Watchlist, 2022)

Danish Filmdirector Ivalo Frank (Take 79, 2020)

The Last Human (Screendaily, 2020)

Ivalo Frank (Blå Bog, 2020)

Cierre (Pavilion Nordico Buenos Aires, 2019)

Green Tea Berlin (Radio Alex, 2017)

Interview mit Ivalo Frank (Kennzeichen DK, 2015)

Directors and artist (ART Baltica, 2014, DE)

Psych in the north (Exberliner, 2013, DE)

Sind Mörder auch Menschen (Besser Nord als Nie!, 2013, DE)

Berlin – an opinionated city (BeBerlin, 2013)

Mystery land (Zitty Berlin, 2012, DE)

Mit dem Überirdischen spielen (Tagesspiegel, 2012, DE)

Mit dem speziellen Blick (Funkhaus Europa, 2012, DE)

Keine Eskimo-Idylle (Deutschland Radio Kultur, 2012, DE)

Film festival (Radio Berlin Brandenburg, 2012, DE)

As film festival director

2012-2015 Greenland Eyes International Film Festival

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural Art (US), Danish Embassy to the US, Greenland Representation in The US, Cinemateket (NO), Nasjonal Jazzscenen (NO), Sami Parliament (FI), University of Lapland (FI), Tellus Cinema, (SE), Landet (SE), Nordic House (IS)

Nordic House (FO), Copenhagen University (DK), Cinemateket (DK)

Greenlands University (GL), Katuaq Art Center (GL), Danish Embassy to Germany, HBC Berlin, Humboldt University to Berlin, Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art.

As artist (selection)

2024: Harvard Museum (US)

2023: Terramar Museum (NL)

2019: Pavilion Nordico Buenos Aires (AR)

2018: Xian Festival (CH)

2017: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum (DK)

2015: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (US)

2012: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (DK)


Director showreel:

Director music video reel: